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“Grown & Bottled in California – Trusted Around the World”

Some refer to Cabernet Sauvignon as the King of California Wines.

The Napa Valley is renowned as one of the most ideal places on Earth to grow the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes which, when aged North American Oak barrels, yields a robust, red wine of superior character savored by wine experts the world over.

The range of words used to describe TrustWino Cabernet Sauvignon are as special as the wine itself: elegant, supple, lush, full-bodied, and savory.

Our Cabernet is caresses the palate with a complex mix black cherry and other darker, fruitier flavors than its European counterparts.

TrustWino Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect companion to hearty beef dishes from filet mignon to short ribs.

Feeling elegant but casual? Pair our Cabernet with your favorite upscale burger fresh from the grill.

You can trust TrustWino Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon to become your favorite.

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