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“Grown & Bottled in California – Trusted Around the World”

Madeira is unique among wines for two reasons. First, it is fortified. Second, it breaks traditional winemaking rules. For these two reasons, it is also uniquely distinct when enjoyed as a full-bodied, after-dinner aperitif, much like Cognac.

Fortification is accomplished by blending with port, brandy, and Zinfandel, which results in a nutty, caramel aroma and palate-pleasing flavor. As for breaking the rules, the aging process includes multiple cycles of warming and cooling and intentional exposure to oxygen.

Another characteristic of Madeira is the solera process of controlled, fractional blending of new wine with old during its aging in the barrels. Typically, no barrel is ever fully drained.

The result is a robust product that preserves the body of the old while refreshed with new. TrustWino Madeira continues to age and preserve well, unharmed, long after opening.

You can trust TrustWino Napa Valley Madeira to become your favorite.

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