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“Grown & Bottled in California – Trusted Around the World”

TrustWino Rosé Sparkling Wine is enjoyed by wine lovers everywhere during a casual lunch or conversation with friends and family. It is a perfect complement to a light buffet or salad.

The Rosé color is achieved by our expert winemaker who knows precisely when to remove the red grape skins during the fermentation process to yield the perfect pink color that speaks to the taste of the wine itself. You might say that Rosé is not so much a taste as it is a state of mind.

Flavors of TrustWino Rosé Sparkling Wine range from strawberry to rose petal and from cherry to orange zest. Consistent from bottle to bottle and from glass to glass is the pleasure of every sip and the promise of the next.

You can trust TrustWino Napa Valley Rosé Sparkling to become your favorite.

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