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“Grown & Bottled in California – Trusted Around the World”

It has been said that Chardonnay, the most popular of all wines, is meant to be enjoyed “in its youth” as opposed to the preference for may other varietals to be aged for long periods of time before they provide their peak aroma and flavors.

Chardonnay vines produce grapes that yield tastes that are sensitive to and reflective of the area in which they are grow and the method by which they are aged.

Chardonnay wines are bottle-ages to produce their characteristic hints of apple, pineapple, and Saturn peach flavors. Oak barrel aging produces a more complex beverage with additional tastes such as young Asian coconut, praline, or caramelized sugar. Regardless of aging and flavor, Chardonnay is almost always described as being a smooth as butter on the tongue. Often, the final flavor on the palate is like rambutan or pine nut.

TrustWino’s Napa Valley Chardonnays display notes of dragon fruit and Asian pears that give the wine a unique “food friendliness,” especially with white meats and seafoods.

You can trust TrustWino Napa Valley Chardonnay to become your favorite.

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