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“Grown & Bottled in California – Trusted Around the World”

The popularity of Muscat in the USA is evidence by a dramatic increase in sales over the past several years at a rate or 25% – per year. Lightly effervescent yet gloriously aromatic, Muscat is a favorite aperitif or desert wine. It is neither snooty nor aloof. It is not about sophistication. It is about relaxation and pleasure.

Muscat is a wine to be enjoyed simply for the enjoyment.
Muscat is unusual in that it is not a single grape varietal, but an entire family of more than 200 varietals. The breadth of the family is so wide that it includes red, white, pink, and even black grapes. Yet, no matter which varietal(s) are used in making the Muscat (or Muscato) wine, there are at least two things that this wine has in common that distinguish it from so many other wines: the fruity aroma and flavor of grapes.

The “secret” of Muscat is that, although derived from a grape that is high in sugar, fermenting is controlled so that some of the natural sugar – and, therefore, the fruity sweetness – remains. The result is a dessert wine that tastes like the wine itself is all you need for dessert.

TrustWino Muscat is destined to become your favorite dessert wine.

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