What Does It All Mean?

Hurricanes are becoming more powerful and tornadoes more frequent. Summers are getting hotter and winters grow colder. Rivers are flooding wider and more frequently while droughts are occurring in areas that are supposed to be wet. ……And, now we have the Wine Country Fire – the largest and deadliest in California history — wrought by flames driven by hurricane winds across the countryside and through any cities in their way. A wall of flame traveled 14 miles from Calistoga (The Tubbs Fire) to Santa Rosa in just four hours.


IS IT GLOBAL WARMING? Some signs in the wine country are becoming increasingly evident. Regions here-to-for inhospitable to Vinifera (European) varieties are being planted. Witness the Otaga Valley on the South Island of New Zealand in an area called the Southern Alps, considered too cold for grapes; now producing some fabulous Pinot Noir. Wider areas are being developed and planted in Tasmania at the refrigerator door of Antartica and the same can be said for the Uco Valley of Argentina where vineyards climb higher and higher in the Andes. There is a band that stretches across Argentina and Chile where Antarctic waters mingle with waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans which turns the surrounding climate into the season of spring all year long. It’s called Patagonia and it is becoming home to more and more grape varietals.

There’s more. Champagne producers are now looking at the south of England for vineyards. From east to west, lovely wines are coming from the North Fork of New York’s Long Island to the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada.

As climates change, so do vineyards. Sadly, indigenous varieties of local regions that have been in the ground for centuries are being pulled and replaced by the more “International Varieties” read Cabernet Sauvignon, etc. because the local wine quality has been impacted. On a larger scale, this has been the case where some Sangiovese Vineyards have been replaced by Cabernet Sauvignon in Tuscany and in Germany’s famous Rhine River Valley, Merlot is replacing Riesling that may have been planted during the days of Charlemagne.

The earth is millions of years old. It has experienced an ice age as well as a period where the earth was so tropical and compressed with oxygen that it produced huge reptiles until it was hit by an asteroid. Fingers and theorem are pointing in every direction.

Again, what does all this mean?

Is it apocalyptical or simply cyclical?

Bottom Line — Drink more Wine — TrustWino Wine — You’ll be fine

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